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Amelia-data-analyst, python programmer


★★★★★ 4.9/5
Skills: Data Analyst : Python programmer : technical Writer
Completed Projects: 311



★★★★★ 5/5
Skills: ML Engineer : Data Mining Expert : Researcher
Completed Projects: 423

William-Excel-expert, R-programmer, data analysis


★★★★★ 4.9/5
Skills: Excel Analysis: R-programming: Python data analysis : Data science
Completed Projects: 437



★★★★★ 4.8/5
Skills: Python Developer : Django : Data science
Completed Projects: 200



★★★★★ 4.9/5
Skills: Data Science Expert
Completed Projects: 621



★★★★★ 4.8/5
Skills: R-Programmer : ML Engineer : Python Developer
Completed Projects: 500

Juliette-R-C-Excel expert


★★★★★ 5/5
Skills: General Programmer : Python : C# R : Excel Expert
Completed Projects: 445

Harrison-Data-visualization expert


★★★★★ 4.9/5
Skills: Data Visualization :Freelance Statistician : IBM SPSS Statistics Expert : Data Consultant : Researcher
Completed Projects: 437

Zachary-BI expert, Excel, python


★★★★★ 4.7/5
Skills: Business Intelligence : Power BI : Excel : R : Python
Completed Projects: 430

Samuel-market researcher


★★★★★ 5/5
Skills: Researcher : Market Researcher : Data Analyst
Completed Projects: 43

Daniel-visualization expert


★★★★★ 4.9/5
Skills: Power BI : Analyst : BI : Python : Visualization Expert
Completed Projects: 200

Samuel-excel-data analysis


★★★★★ 5/5
Skills: Excel Analysis: R-programming: Python
Completed Projects: 35

AfroResearch Services

Statistical data analysis

Statistical data analysis is the process of collecting and analyzing data to find out patterns and discern trends in the data. Through statistical analysis, you can get valuable insights for your research or even business data.

Statistical analysis is divided into descriptive analysis and inferential analysis. Descriptive analysis is used to summarize the data but doesn’t draw conclusions. The inferential analysis takes a further step of the analysis to draw conclusions from the analyzed data.

At AfroResearch Inc. Statistical data analysis services, you will get the following help:

  1. Extraction and organization of large sets of raw data using different analysis tools
  2. Extensive data cleaning to evaluate which data is relevant for your project and the one which ought to be removed
  3. Help with creating data analytics reports and presentations
  4. Interpretation of data analysis results and their significance in your project
  5. Creation of recommendations based on the data analytics results

To get started, Live Chat Us to consult with an expert. Our Consultation services are Free!

SPSS, Excel, Stata, Matlab analysis

Our team of data analytics experts specializes in SPSS (statistical package for social sciences), Excel analysis, Stata, and Matlab. We offer a comprehensive suite of analysis services using any of the software mentioned. Here are some analytics services you will get from our seasoned experts.

  • IBM SPSS: Descriptive analysis, Inferential analysis, ANOVA, ANCOVA, T-tests, Parametric and non-parametric analysis, visualization, correlation and regression analysis, MANOVA, and data entry.
  • Excel analysis: Data visualization and dashboard services, descriptive analysis, Correlation and regression analysis, data sorting and filtering services, financial analysis, data entry, and any other service you may need.
  • Stata: Graphics and data visualizations, inferential and descriptive analysis, data management, financial analysis, dashboards.
  • Matlab Analysis: Numerical computation, visualization, App development, and more.
Data visualization Services

Data visualization will help you unveil critical insights from your data. Our data analytics experts at AfroResearch Inc. will help you transform your large and complex data sets into appealing and insightful visuals. This will help you in decision-making for your business and in writing recommendations for your research.

Data Collection and integration Services

Using different techniques and advanced software packages, AfroResearch Inc. data analytics experts will help you extract data from different files (XML, JSON, API, Web Pages, and more) and then integrate it to make it ready for analysis.

Data reports and consultation

We offer all-encompassing data reports and consultation services. AfroResearch Inc. data analytics experts will help you develop insightful data reports that can be used to answer research questions and make business decisions.

We do this by first translating your complex data files into clear and concise visuals, then from the visuals develop insightful reports for you. With us, you will gain a competitive edge through data-driven decision-making.

Dashboards, Power BI, Tableau, Data studio

A Dashboard is a collection of different graphs which lets you compare a variety of data simultaneously. Using different tools like Power BI, Tableau, Data Studio, and others, our analytics experts will help you develop engaging dashboards for your business and research data.

Dissertation Consultation

Dissertation consultation is the process of guiding researchers on their writing process and making sure that their research meets the needed standards before submitting for marking. At AfroResearch Inc., we have a team of dissertation consultants who will help you in the process of dissertation writing, whether it be the data analytics part, literature review, recommendations, or introduction.

Research Writing services

AfroResearch Inc. is an online platform selected as one of the best sites that offer research paper writing services. Just place your order on our site, and you will get the best results for your paper.

Market Research services

Connect with our experts for all your market research services. Whether you need consumer behavior analytics, market segmentation, trend analysis, or general market data analytics services, you are in the right place. Live chat with us for the best services.

Data Science Help Services

For all your data science needs, AfroResearch is the best online site to help you achieve them. We will assist you with data analysis and visualization, predictive models and machine learning services, statistical analysis, feature engineering, geospatial analysis, consultation, and strategy development services.

Big Data Services

We offer a full cycle of big data services starting from consulting, data processing and management, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. We use different tools, among them being Python, Apache, R-statistics, Matlab, and any other software you may need.

Statistical Modelling

Under our data analytics services, we also offer a statistical modeling package. This package includes regression analysis, time series analysis, survival analysis, bivariate and multivariate analysis, machine learning and integration, parametric and non-parametric analysis, experimental design, and more.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive modeling is the process of identifying the likelihood of future events using different techniques. Using our in-house data analytics experts, we will help you predict your business's future trends, financial trends, and any other predictive service you may need.

Data Mining

Data mining is the process of identifying trends from large data sets using different methods. It is an important process for businesses and research. Our data analytics experts will help you achieve your data mining needs efficiently.

Data Engineering

Data engineering involves the development, construction, and maintenance of large data storage facilities. Our data analytics experts will help you achieve your data engineering needs in all areas.


Get an Instant R-programming help Online. Using our experts to help you with R projects, you will get the following benefits:

  1. A qualified data analytics expert to help you throughout the project
  2. 24 x 7 support to help you resolve all the queries you have
  3. Top-rate R-programming services from reputable and industry-experienced tutors
  4. Affordable Prices and a customized solution to your liking
Python programming and Data analysis

Our freelance data analysts will help you review your Python code, mentor you, and offer any other data analytics service you might need using the Python programming software.

Excel Formulas and Data visualization

Find a freelance Excel expert from our site to help you instantly. Our experts are online 24/7, ready to assist you with any Excel analytics project and data visualization using Excel.

Financial analysis with R, Python, and Excel

Financial analysis is used to evaluate economic trends, set financial policies, and build long-term plans for businesses. Our AfroResearch Inc. experts are well-versed in financial analysis using R, Python, and Excel. We will help you with:

  1. Risk management analysis
  2. Market industry analysis
  3. Investment analysis
  4. Budgeting and forecasting
  5. Financial analysis overall
  6. Credit analysis
Matlab and Stata programming
Machine Learning with python and R
NLP projects

Explore the world of language with our Natural Language Processing (NLP) Projects service. Our team of NLP experts is dedicated to unraveling the potential of language data. We offer tailored solutions to extract insights, patterns, and meaning from textual data. Whether it's sentiment analysis, text classification, Chatbots, or language translation, our NLP projects are designed to meet your specific needs. Discover our Research Data Analysis, Market Research Analysis, and Freelancer Data Scientist services for language data expertise.

We empower you to make data-driven decisions, enhance customer interactions, and gain a deeper understanding of textual information.

AfroResearch Inc.'s NLP Projects service is your gateway to leveraging the power of language for success and innovation.

Quantitative Analysis
Qualitative Analysis
Feature Engineering
Pattern Recognition
Hypothesis Testing

Welcome to the world of Hypothesis Testing, where we transform questions into meaningful answers. Our expert team specializes in conducting hypothesis tests to determine the validity of claims and hypotheses based on data.

Whether it's a clinical trial, market research, or scientific investigation, we offer a range of statistical tests tailored to your specific needs. Our service empowers you to make informed decisions, uncover hidden insights, and validate assumptions, ensuring the accuracy of your conclusions.

AfroResearch Inc.'s Hypothesis Testing service is your key to unraveling the truth within data, enabling confident decision-making and evidence-based discoveries.

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David is a SPSS Expert, Data Analyst and Coding Guru



Grace is a maths tutor, statistics expert and data analyst



Benjamin is an experienced analyst, BI consultant and Researcher


Python Analyst | Developer

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James is an Experienced R-programming and data analysis expert


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Sean is an Experience Data Scientist (Python, R, ML, NLP, AI Expert)



Ava is an experienced research data expert


Qualitative Research Analyst

Sophia is a qualitative research analyst and experienced researcher



Andrew is a market research analyst and business strategist



David is a research paper writer and a journal writer



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Survey Data Analysis Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Provide Examples of Data Analysis and data science Projects you have worked on Recently?

Yes, our portfolio of data analytics services encompasses a wide range of projects.
Mostly, these projects are posted on our site in the sample data analytics projects and Articles.

In this section, you can also view other data-related articles.
Some of the most common data projects you can find samples on our AfroResearch site are listed below.

SPSS, Excel, R-Programming, Python, and Stata data analytics Projects

Using these tools and other technologies, we try to solve clientsб‚ааЉ data analytics projects and give insightful information.
With permission from our clients, we post some of the projects on our site so that other clients and prospective analysts can get
a glimpse of how analysis is done. Explore our Research Analysis Paper, R Programming Tutorial and SPSS Software for data analytics insights.

Whether you need a sample data analytics project or you want to understand the data analysis process, you can visit our
AfroResearch Inc. site and learn from our posted samples and articles.

Also, our experts can provide you with samples directly on your client's account or through our Live Chat.

How long will my data analysis project take to be completed?

At AfroResearch Inc., all the data analytics project timelines are based on the agreement between our clients and the expert assigned.

However, there are other different factors which may affect the project deadline. The following are some other factors which might affect the deadline.

The Data Analytics Project Scope and Complexity

Clientб‚ааЉs data analytics projects comprising of large scope might take longer than those with smaller scope.
For example, a project that needs data collection may take longer because of the data collection process.
Also, the data cleaning and processing might take a longer time. Explore our Data Analysis Services.

The Analysis Techniques to be used in the data analysis

The data analysis techniques needed to complete the analytics project also affect the deadline.
For example, descriptive analysis project needs little time compared to predictive, model development, and machine learning projects.

Project Planning and development

Some data analytics projects need more planning time than others. For example, those projects that include
research parts and content generation may take longer time to complete than those that need analytics only.

The Data analytics Project Resources needed

Some projects needed more resources to complete. For example, a project that might need an expert to purchase software will take longer than the one that uses open software. Also, those projects that need survey design and data collection will take longer.

However, regardless of the time needed to complete any of the data analytics projects, AfroResearch Inc. experts will ensure that they submit the project within the agreed deadline.

In a situation where more time is needed, the expert will alert you 24 hours earlier than the agreed deadline so that you can negotiate for a deadline extension.

Do you offer customized data analysis solutions to specific industries?

In the current data analytics space, the dynamics have changed and many clients need customized solutions.

At AfroResearch Inc., Our experts are aware of the current developments in the industry. As such, we are not limited to analytics of a specific industry.

All our experts operate in different fields and offer customized solutions based on your needs. However, the most popular industries that need these services include;

  • Education:
  • Many students (undergraduates, graduates, and researchers) seek data analytics services.

    At AfroResearch Inc., we help them complete complex projects, offer data consultation services, and offer tutoring services.

  • Finance:

    The finance industry has a high demand for data analytics services. Our experts at AfroResearch Inc. will help you achieve all your financial analysis goals. You will get financial analysis services, predictive analysis, descriptive and data visualization services, and any other financial analysis service you will need.

  • Healthcare:

    In the healthcare sector, data analytics plays a key role in enhancing patient care. It is also an important facet in designing resource allocation models and in advancing healthcare research.

  • Retail:

    The retail industry strives for the insights of the clients. Therefore, data analytics forms a strong base for decision-making in retail.

    The AfroResearch Inc. data analysis platform will connect you with an expert who will help you with data analysis in the retail industry.

Generally, AfroResearch Inc. offers data analytics solutions for all industries. As well, all projects are customized based on the client's needs and ensure that all the given instructions are followed.

Working with AfroResearch Inc. is easy. Live-chat our support and you will be connected to an expert within a minute for free project consultation.

How do you ensure security and sensitivity of my personal data?

Data breaches and cyber threats are a great challenge in the current tech space. The AfroResearch Inc. data analytics site ensures that our client data is secure using different technologies and methods.

  • Data Encryption:

    All data transmission at AfroResearch Inc. is encrypted from end-to-end. The site applies industry-standard technologies for data encryption. Also, our stored data in databases is encrypted. All the data you upload for your data analytics projects are encrypted to ensure security.

  • Access control and authentication:

    At AfroResearch Inc. data analytics platform, we ensure that your project data is only accessible to the assigned expert. We donб‚ааЉt share data with third parties or with the other experts who are not handling your project.

  • The data handling protocols:

    Our AfroResearch Inc., experts have access to data which only serves their needs. As such, no expert is given access to our clientб‚ааЉs data for any other purpose except for project completion.

Generally, our data analytics site ensures that your data is secure using different methods, protocols, and technologies.

What skills and tools do you use for data analysis?

Our data analytics tools are versed with different skills and use different tools for data analytics. The most important skills to highlight include;

  • Proficiency in statistics:

    : Our experts understand the key foundations of statistics. These skills include; probability, hypothesis testing, and distributions.

  • Data cleaning and manipulation:

    The ability to pre-process and clean data is an important skill for any data analytics expert. The AfroResearch Inc. experts are well versed in this skill and ensure that all your data is well processed and cleaned before analysis.

  • Data Visualization:

    Data visualization helps in summarizing data. It is an important skill in data analytics. Using different tools, our experts are well-versed in data analytics.

  • Programming and data analysis tools:

    Our experts leverage the proficiency of different tools to help you in data analysis. However, the most common tools our experts use include; Python, R-statistics, SPSS, Excel, Tableau, SQL, Jupiter notebooks, Hadoop, Spark, Stata, Data Studio, Cognos, and any other data analysis tools you may need.

Will I get a refund if the project does meet my expectations?

Yes, we refund our clients in case they are not satisfied with our services. However, such services are rare because our experts are well-versed with analysis skills.

Also, our experts ensure that our clients are satisfied all the time by providing quality work. To view our refund policy, please click on refund policy.

Do you offer training and workshops for groups interested in data analysis?

The AfroResearch Inc. data analytics platform offers training and workshops for data analysis.

However, most of the time, our experts are focused on completing the running projects and thus might lack enough time for training other people.

How can I connect with you for an urgent data analysis or data science project?
To connect with the AfroResearch data analytics platform experts, please live chat with us and you will be connected with an expert in your field who will help you in completing your project.
Do you offer other services apart from data analysis?

Yes, we also offer Python development services using Django and Flask. For example, the AfroResearch Inc. site has been developed using Django and thus is a perfect example of our development prowess.

We also offer data application development and any other technology service you may need.

Can I request for revision of my project if it doesnt meet the standards I needed?

Yes, for all your data analytics projects, our experts will give you a window for unlimited revisions until you are satisfied.