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I am Amit, an experienced expert offering resume writing services online. For the last 20 years, I have helped more than 3000 + clients land their dream jobs through my expertise in resume writing services, Cover letters, and LinkedIn Optimization.

I have worked as an HR for more than 15 years, participating in the hiring process and Resume/ CV scanning. This experience alongside my career coaching experience makes me your best suit to help you land your dream job.

I will help you craft an ATS-optimized resume, achievement-focused cover letter, and dynamic LinkedIn profile which will make you stand out for employers. Check the attached sample of a resume. Let’s Connect and make your dream job come a reality.

A Sample ATS-Optimized Resume

James Michael

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  • Assess risks before acting: Identify hazards, their severity, and how to prevent them.
  • Data-driven decisions: Use risk assessments to make informed safety choices.
  • Learn from accidents: Conduct root cause analysis to prevent future incidents.


Experienced safety manager, corporate loss prevention officer, investigator, safety and wellness training expert, and law enforcement officer. I have vast skills in safety management, safety training and supervision, loss prevention management, and auditing to ensure effective compliance with the federal laws and regulations.

My areas of competence include; management, practical application of processes and procedures, problem solving, collaborative communication, creating cross-departmental initiatives, and driving program initiatives to ensure they are achieved with the set time. I have a diverse experience having worked in the public and the private sector.

Professional Experience

Denali Water Environmental

Safety Manager (Pacific Northwest)

January 2023 - Present

  • Conducting jobsite audits and ensuring compliance with internal, federal and state regulations in Washington, Oregon, and California
  • Initiating, coordinating, and direct training to all jobs at each site specific to the job hazard, safety analysis, process and safety.
  • Orienting new hires in regard to safety measures and organizational operations and assisting the management in training personnel within their specific departments
  • Assisting in conducting accident investigations according to internal procedures by obtaining required reports from employee(s) and implementing corrective actions as needed
  • Assisting in the interpretation, analyzation, and preparation of documents concerning reports, contracts, and site-specific information including OSHA 300, 300 A, and 301 reports

Smith Gardens, Pacific Plug and Liner (USA)

Safety and Wellness Manager

January 2022 - September 2022

  • Provided safety and safety process leadership including strategic direction to ensure risks were aggressively identified and mitigated
  • Ensured sustainability of the risk management system; drove process safety excellence and performance improvement through culture change, coaching, and development of facility leadership
  • Acted as the company representative for OSHA and other governing body interactions
  • Managed workers' compensation claims from the beginning to the end in WA, OR, and CA
  • Managed, tracked, and reported issues, strategies, initiatives, projects, incidents, assessments, and safety performance audits
  • Reported weekly and monthly incidents, TRIR and EMR to the executive staff, CEO, COO, and CFO

Hampton Lumber, Warrenton Division (USA)

Safety and Training Supervisor

December 2020 - January 2022

  • Conduct and report post-accident and incident investigations and advise HR on safety compliance concerns and preventative measures
  • Coordinated with contractors and vendors regarding safety policies, procedures, and jobsite requirements
  • Trained staff members on safety measures through formal classes, seminars, workshops, and through sharing the information across the company
  • Created required programs like Hazardous communication, emergency action plans, and PIT certification programs

Clark County Sheriff's office, USA

Deputy Sheriff

2008 - 2020

  • Prepared investigation reports, issued citations, and made arrests
  • Investigated crimes committed by and against juveniles and appeared in court as a witness
  • Served warrants of arrest, escorted and transported inmates to and from jail, courtrooms, and state institutions
  • Led criminal corporate investigations, conducted interviews with subjects and witnesses while maintaining confidentiality
  • Gathered and stored physical and digital evidence in accordance with set laws, guidelines, and regulation standards

Gap Inc., Old Navy Div.

Regional Loss Prevention / Operations/ Safety Manager (USA)

1998 - 2000

  • Determined critical LP priorities for span of control by analyzing reporting tools and also defined accountability to achieve results by working with field operations team
  • Protected assets from loss, theft, and operational compliance issues by executing loss prevention and shrinkage control programs
  • Monitored external use of security within span of control and investigated internal theft incidents ethically and in time
  • Budgeted for travel and direct reports' expenses and capital of new and current stores
  • Determined the top priority "target" stores and placed them on high shrink program to guarantee resources and attention
  • Attended manager meetings and presented loss prevention programs by coordinating classroom sessions monthly


Chapman university, CA, USA

Bachelor of Arts


Rancho Santiago College

1991 -1995

Glacier Aviation Flight School

Private Pilot Training



Certified Safety Manager (CSM) NASP- Ongoing

Claims Management 101 (Approach) - 2022

IVES training - Train the Trainer Certificate-2021

Police Academy Riverside Community College 2008 - July 2008


Available upon request.

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Resume Writing Services Online | Factors to Consider Before Hiring Expert

The demand for resume writing services online continues to grow. This growth is motivated by the ever-evolving technology alongside the changing dynamics of the hiring process.

Initially, you could create a cover letter and your resume easily and get noticed by employers. However, currently, the introduction of ATS software can make your resume never reach the employer.

Interesting is the fact that you might be the most qualified candidate but due to a poorly optimized resume, lack of achievement-driven cover letter, and poorly optimized LinkedIn profile, you are on the receiving end.

For this reason, seeking help from resume writing services online becomes important. But before we go deeper about resume writing services, let's first understand ATS software and Achievement-driven cover letters.

What is the ATS software and Why is it Important in the Hiring Process

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software that manages the hiring process for the employer. It sorts hundreds of resumes and CVs and arranges them in order of qualifications. Those that don’t meet the employer criteria are rejected by the software before reaching the employer.

How Does the ATS software Work and How Does it Sort the Resumes?

  • The employer enters the prerequisite information about the vacancy available on the software. (Job title, skills, experience, education, etc.)
  • The ATS software uses this information to create a profile for the position which it will use to sort the resumes.
  • The employer sets a percentage metrics that a resume should achieve to bypass the ATS software
  • Applicants submit their resumes and the ATS software compares them to the profile it created
  • If your resume shows a similar percentage as the profile of the ATS or super passes it, then it is forwarded to the employer
  • If your resume doesn’t meet the threshold, it is then rejected by the ATS software

What is an Achievement Based Cover Letter

Achievement-based cover letter refers to a cover letter that highlights relevant achievements for the employer to see. Instead of writing the normal introductory letter, you craft it to showcase your skills and the achievements you have had using those skills. It’s that simple!

What Factors Should I Consider When Seeking Resume Writing Services and Cover Letter?

To get the best resume writing service, you need to consider different factors before hiring a resume writer or a cover letter writer. Note that both resume writing and cover letter writing go hand in hand.

  • ATS-familiarity: The resume writer you prospect to hire should be familiar with the ATS software. This means he will be able to craft your CV in a way that will bypass the software and reach the employer's desk
  • HRM Experience: Your preferred expert to offer resume writing services and cover letter services should have HRM experience. This means he has interviewed, scanned, and participated in the hiring process and therefore knows what is needed for a candidate to get hired.
  • Experience in Career Coaching: Resume writing service providers should have experience in career coaching. This experience will make them advise you if the position you are applying for is the best for you.
  • The Expert Portfolio and Samples: Before engaging with the expert for resume writing services, ask them for their portfolio and samples to evaluate if their competency aligns with the industry standards.
  • Reputation and Reviews: Check what other clients are saying about the services of the expert.

The AfroResearch Inc. Resume Writing Services online

At AfroResearch Inc., we have a pool of resume writers and cover letter experts who will help you craft outstanding CVs and cover letters to pass the ATS software and create an impression to the employer.

What is the AfroResearch Inc. Resume Writing Services Cost?

The resume writing service cost is relative. It is determined based on different factors. However, overall, the cost agreement is done by the client and our expert. You agree on the cost based on complexity, delivery time, and the length of the resume.

Do you have Resume Writing Services and Cover Letters in the USA?

Yes, our resume writing services are offered in the USA though we have experts in other places like the UK, Ireland, and Ukraine. However, regardless of the expert location, you will get services since we operate online.

What Level Resume Services Do You Offer?

We offer CV writing services at all levels and tailor them for specific goals.

  • Entry Level Resume Services: This resume writing service caters for those who are new to the workforce and have minimal work experience
  • Mid-Level: This service suits those who have some years of experience in their field.
  • Executive: This service is ideal for senior-level professionals such as CEOs, CIOs, and CFOs.
  • Career Change: This resume writing service is ideal for those who want to change their career and venture into a different field.
  • Federal / Government: This service is for those who want resumes and cover letters that align with government position requirements.

AfroResearch Inc. is an online platform that will connect you with experienced experts for all your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Services. All you need is to Live Chat Us and get connected with an expert to discuss your project.

We also offer other services, like data analysis, programming, career coaching, data mining, and data consultation, among other services.