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I am Finn, an experienced statistician offering survey data analysis services online for the last 11 years. I have helped different clients with their survey analysis projects, financial analysis, predictive analysis, and inferential analysis.

My expertise spans SPSS analysis, excel, python, F-statistics, Stata, mat lab, and more. I analyze survey data from all industries.

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Sample Survey Data Analysis Project

Case Study: AfroResearch Inc., a mid-sized company has been experiencing fluctuating employee productivity for the last year. As such, their revenue has dropped and employee absenteeism has also increased by more than 6% compared to the last year.

The management team is concerned with this trend and they want to understand the factors which influence employee productivity in the company.

A survey is designed and administered to the workers anonymously to collect data which will help in understanding the situation. The following section presents the survey questions.

The Employee Survey Questions to Evaluate Factors Contributing to Productivity

Demographic Questions

  • What is your Age?
  • What is your gender? 1: Male 2: Female 3: Other
  • How long have you worked at AfroResearch Inc.? [Answer in years]

Work Environment

  • How would you rate the AfroResearch Inc., work environment on a scale of 1 to 5? [1 being very friendly – 5 being very toxic]

Work Load and Time Management

  • Do you have control over your work schedule and can you manage your tasks efficiently? [Yes, No]

Team Dynamics and Collaboration

  • How would you rate team collaboration at AfroResearch Inc., on a scale of 1 – 5? [1 being Very Effective – 5 being very bad]

Training and Development

  • Are AfroResearch Inc., training sessions effective? [Yes, No]

Descriptive Analysis

Descriptive analysis chart

Work Environment Analysis

ANOVA analysis

Work Load and Time Management

Workload analysis

Team Dynamic and Collaboration

collaboration distribution analysis

Training and Development

pie chart analysis

The Analysis Report

The average age of the workers at AfroResearch Inc. was 42 years indicating that the majority of them are middle-aged adults. However, the minimum age was 12 years’ age which is below the accepted working age.

In the context of the work analysis environment, the mean rating score for Females was 3.75, and that of men was 3.00. and the other gender was 4.00. On average, the work environment score was 3.58, indicating a relatively toxic working environment. Statistically, there was no mean difference between genders F (2, 7) = 0.70, P = 0.53, indicating that all genders agreed the work environment was relatively toxic.

Based on this analysis, the work environment was categorized as one of the factors affecting employee productivity at AfroResearch Inc.

For workload and time management, 60% of the workers agreed that they could manage their tasks and they were okay with the workload. Only 40% did not agree. As such, the workload and time management factors were not categorized as factors affecting employee productivity.

For team dynamics and collaboration, the majority of the employees rated it as very poor though equally almost the same rate rated it as very effective. However, the distribution of the rating was skewed to the left, indicating that most of the employees believed that overall the team collaboration and dynamics were poor.

As such, it was categorized that team dynamics and collaboration was a factors affecting the overall employee productivity.

The Demand for Survey Data Analysis Services Online and How to Hire an Expert

Survey data analysis has become an important part of organizations, researchers, entrepreneurs, and even business people. Survey data analysis can be thought of as the process of transforming raw data collected from a group of people through a survey to meaningful information.

Based on the increasing demand for survey data analysis services, many experts have opted to start offering the service remotely. However, the process of vetting a reliable survey data analyst is not easy.

Before we present the process of vetting an online survey analysis service, it is important to understand the types of surveys.

5 Most Common Survey Types You Should Know

There are many types of surveys. Seeking survey data analysis services will be based on the type of your survey data. The following are some of the most common types of surveys.

  • Cross-sectional Surveys: These are surveys conducted at a single point in time to gather data about a given population or sample.
  • Longitudinal Surveys: These are surveys conducted over an extended period to capture and analyze behavioral patterns, attitudinal changes, and other variables within a given sample. Survey analysis services for these types of surveys are prolonged.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys: These are types of surveys administered to customers to evaluate their satisfaction levels with a product, service, or experience.
  • Opinion Surveys: They are conducted to collect opinions on specific issues like policies, politics, or topics.
  • Exit Surveys: These are surveys administered to people leaving a specific situation or environment. For example, a customer leaving a store, a client leaving a hotel.

4 Main Benefits of Outsourcing Survey Data Analysis

Though survey data analysis is an important component of your organization or research, it might be complex to handle it in-house. As such, outsourcing the service to online survey data analysis service providers will save you the hassle.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Outsourcing the survey data analysis projects is cheaper than keeping in-house data analysts.
  • Time Saving: Online survey data analysis service providers are equipped with the right tools, right skills, and can handle your project within a short period.
  • Access to Expertise: The majority of online survey data analysts are highly vetted experts in the field. They understand the analysis of all survey types.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Outsourcing survey data analysis projects gives you an opportunity to handle projects of varying sizes and complexities.

Which Software Do You Use for Survey Data Analysis

Our survey data analysts leverage the expertise of different software packages to analyze the survey data. The AfroResearch Inc. survey data analysis services have a multi-diverse approach which ensures that you get the best analysis results.

  • SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences): We use it for analyzing market research surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, employee surveys, and research surveys.
  • R-statistics: It is a powerful scripting language. In the context of our survey analysis services, we use R-statistics for analyzing social sciences surveys, healthcare surveys, and business surveys.
  • SAS (Statistical Analysis System): Our experts use the SAS software for analyzing research, healthcare, market research, and government survey data.
  • Stata: This software is used for analyzing longitudinal surveys, panel surveys, and cross-section surveys.
  • Tableau: This is a data visualization software that is ideal for analyzing and visualizing customer survey data, client satisfaction survey data, and operational surveys.

How to Frame Your Survey Data Analysis Project

When seeking survey analysis services, it is important to include important information so that the expert can fully understand your project with ease.

  • Define your project: Before submitting the project documents to the prospective freelance survey analyst, first define the project citing the objectives, background, and the best analysis (visualization or statistical analysis).
  • Mention the Project Scope: Make sure you discuss with the survey analyst about the project scope. This will help you set a deadline and also be used as a factor for evaluating the project cost.
  • Data Source: Every survey conducted comes with the data collected. When seeking survey data analysis services, attach the data files either Excel, CSV file, or any type of data file to ensure that the expert evaluates the data complexity.
  • Deadlines: Ensure that you discuss the deadline with the expert so that you won’t miss important deadlines.

5 Important Components to Check When Hiring the Expert

  • Experience: When seeking survey data analysis services ensure that you evaluate the experience of the expert. Less experienced experts can analyze simple surveys while more experienced ones can analyze advanced and complex surveys.
  • Expertise: Understand the tools the expert knows, if he is an expert in statistics, and if he knows sampling techniques.
  • Data handling: Experts offering survey data analysis services should be able to clean, transform, and create new data features for easy analysis.
  • Communication: Ensure that the expert is available for communication 24/7 to avoid delays.
  • Flexible: The expert should be flexible enough to accept changes and also customize the project to your liking.

The AfroResearch Inc., Survey Analysis Services

AfroResearch Inc. is an online data analysis site that connects prospective clients with experts. Our survey data analysis services are offered by experienced and well-vetted experts.

We ensure that your survey projects are customized to your liking and delivered within the agreed time. Our costs are pocket friendly and you agree with the assigned expert about the cost. Therefore, there are no hidden costs.

To seek our survey analysis services, Live Chat Us through the Live Chat Feature and you will be assigned an expert who you will work with from the start to the end of your project.