AfroResearch Inc. Refund Policy Overview

Thank you for choosing AfroResearch Inc. data analysis platform for your data services. Our Experts strive to provide quality services to all our clients.

However, in some scenarios, a refund is needed. AfroResearch Inc. strives to ensure that under such circumstances, both parties are satisfied.

The following section explains the refund criteria for the AfroResearch data analysis site.

  • Eligibility for Refund:

    We accept that scenarios arise that need refunds. Refunds are considered under the following circumstances.

  • Service Dissatisfaction:

    If you are not satisfied with our data analysis services. This includes if the original instructions were not followed in your project.

To Request a Refund Please Follow the following steps

  1. Contact Our Customer Support: You can contact our customer support via our email: or Via the live chat.
  2. Submit the final copy of your project to customer support for analysis to evaluate if the original instructions were not followed
  3. After the customer support analyzes everything, a verdict will be made and the expert who handled your project will be notified
  4. The expert will again be notified about the payment adjustments
  5. You will be notified via email about the refund process
  6. Typically, the refund process takes around 48 hours to complete
  7. You will be refunded the exact amount you paid for the project
  8. In case of any fee applicable, you will be expected to cater for it.

These terms apply to AfroResearch services and products. Before working with the site, please read and understand the refund policy.

The refund policy will be updated from time to time. We presume that once you accept to work with AfroResearch Inc., you have read the new version of the refund policy.

Thank you for trusting us with your projects and striving to deliver quality work.