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Amelia - Data Analyst


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9/5
Skills: Data Analyst : Python programmer : technical Writer
Completed Projects: 311
Theodore - ML Engineer


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
Skills: ML Engineer : Data Mining Expert : Researcher
Completed Projects: 423
William - Excel Analyst


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9/5
Skills: Excel Analysis: Python data analysis
Completed Projects: 437
Sophia - Python Developer


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5
Skills: Python Developer : Django : Data science
Completed Projects: 200
Beatrice - Data Science Expert


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.5/5
Skills: Data Science Expert
Completed Projects: 621
Oliver - R-Programmer


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.7/5
Skills: R-Programmer : ML Engineer : Python Developer
Completed Projects: 500
Juliette - General Programmer


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
Skills: General Programmer : Python : C# R : Excel Expert
Completed Projects: 445
Harrison - Data Visualization Expert


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9/5
Skills: Data Visualization : R-Programmer : Data Consultant : Researcher, Statistician
Completed Projects: 437
Zachary - Business Intelligence Expert


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5
Skills: Business Intelligence : Power BI : Excel : R : Python
Completed Projects: 430
Samuel - Researcher


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
Skills: Researcher : Market Researcher : Data Analyst
Completed Projects: 43
Daniel - Power BI Expert


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5
Skills: Power BI : Analyst : BI : Python : Visualization Expert
Completed Projects: 200
Samuel - Excel Analyst


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
Skills: Excel Analysis: R-programming: Python
Completed Projects: 35

How are data analysts at AfroResearch Inc. different?

We understand your analysis project is important for your business, research, or entrepreneurship. The success of the project or failure can dictate your future.

Therefore, at Afroresearch Inc., we vigorously vet our experts to select the top 1% whom we can trust to help you with data analysis projects. All our experts must have a degree in statistics, IT, data science, or mathematics.

Also, the experts are industry savvy and have worked with different leading organizations like IBM, Google, Amazon, and more.

Our data analysis experts have industry experience and academic relevance, making them the most sought after in the online space.

How is the Help with Data Analysis Service at Afroresearch different from other sites?

Our data analysis help service is unique. First, unlike other sites that don’t allow you to connect with the expert directly, at Afroresearch Inc., we connect you with the analysis expert for free consultation.

You agree with the expert about the project cost, timeline, and scope. This makes it easy for you since the expert is already knowledgeable and thus he guides you appropriately.

Also, our prices are pocket-friendly, and we allow all our clients to either pay once as a lump sum or pay based on deliverables as agreed with the expert. If you don’t get the expected results from the project, a total refund is issued.

How much do you charge for a data analysis project help?

The cost of the project we leave it to the expert and the client. However, depending on the data analysis help you need, there are specific components you can use to evaluate the cost. The project complexity, deadline, data to be used, the software, and the length are among the components you can use to evaluate the project complexity.

What type of analysis services can I get from the site?

At AfroResearch Inc., we offer comprehensive help with data analysis. Whether you need assistance with normal data analysis, excel data analysis, R-statistics analysis, data visualization, python data analysis services, machine learning services, research services, market research data analysis, Stata analysis, Matlab, Jomvi analysis, or any other analysis type, our wide range of services ensures that you can find the specific analysis assistance required for your project. We are committed to providing the highest quality support for all your data analysis needs.

How quickly can I hire an expert from the site?

Hiring an expert to help you with data analysis at AfroResearch Inc. is simple. You can contact our live support team through the live chat, and they will promptly assign you an expert in your field. Once connected, you can discuss the details of your project with the expert, agree on the deadline and scope, and they will assist you in creating a private portal where you can post the project and monitor its progress.

Can I get an expert for a specific analysis project using a specific software?

Yes, at AfroResearch Inc., we have experts available for specific projects such as NLP, Machine learning, AI, simulation, financial analysis, feature engineering, SQL, and any other customized analysis service you may need. Our team is equipped with the expertise to assist you with specialized analysis tasks using specific software or tools tailored to your project requirements.

The Process of Hiring a Competent Data Analyst Online

The process of Hiring a Data analyst online

The demand for data analysts has increased in recent years. Due to technological advancement, organizations can now collect massive data which can be used for decision-making. As such, many organizations, researchers, and entrepreneurs need help with data analysis. The US BLS forecasts that the demand for data analysts will reach 23% by 2031.

Using data to help in decision-making helps in sustaining businesses. According to Harvard Business School, highly data-driven organizations are three times more likely to report improvement compared to organizations that don’t use data for decision-making.

Nevertheless, despite the benefits that come with incorporating data analysis as part of your decision-making in organizations, the process of getting reliable help with data analysis is hectic.

The online space is full of half-baked data analysts who can mislead you and lead to losses in your business or organization. Therefore, the question remains, how do I get help with data analysis? Where do I get an experienced expert?

Things to Consider When Seeking Help with Data Analysis Online

First, the hiring of a competent data analyst will help you in different ways. Here are some of the benefits if you get data analysis help from a reliable expert.

  • Improve your decision-making process: If you get data analysis help from a reliable expert, you will lower the risk of making ill-thought decisions since all the decisions will be based on tangible evidence.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Experienced data analysis is able to streamline procedures and help you spot opportunities quickly, thus helping you save money and time.
  • Competitive advantage in the market: Getting the right help with data analysis can make your organization stay ahead and have a competitive edge in the market. This is because you identify opportunities for growth early.
  • Innovation: Leveraging the knowledge of data analysis helps organizations figure out hidden patterns and capitalize on them to make informed decisions.

Having discussed the benefits of getting help with data analysis from reputable experts, in the next section, we discuss the most important components to look for when seeking data analysis help online.

First, the most important component of data analysis is technical skills. Working with analysis tools forms an integral part of these technical skills. The following are some of the most important tools that analysts should be familiar with.

  • Microsoft Excel: Helps in data analysis, visualization, financial analysis, forecasting, data cleaning and management, descriptive analysis, and predictive analysis. You can get the tool directly from Microsoft.
  • R-statistics: R-statistics is a free software for statistical analysis and graphics. Similar to Excel, it can be used for data analysis, financial analysis, data science, machine learning, visualization, and more. R-software can be downloaded online too.
  • Python: Python is a multipurpose software that can be used for data analysis, visualization, machine learning, data science, development, and data mining. It is a free source software and can be downloaded online.

Other analysis software packages that the experts must know include STATA, SPSS, Matlab, and PowerPoint for writing reports. For data visualization, the expert must know software packages like Microsoft Power BI, Data Studio, Cognos, Tableau, and others. SQL language is also important for data cleaning and analysis.

  • Programming Skills: If you are seeking help with data analysis, the expert you intend to work with should have vast skills in programming languages like Python and R. Having programming skills in these software packages, the expert will be able to perform sophisticated data manipulations. This will help him handle large data sets easily.
  • Database Management Skills: A database is like the library of your organization. This is where all the organizational data is stored. A data analyst should have database management skills to be able to retrieve data for analysis easily. Knowledge of SQL and database software like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL is important.
  • Programming Skills: If you are seeking help with data analysis, the expert you intend to work with should have vast skills in programming languages like Python and R. Having programming skills in these software packages, the expert will be able to perform sophisticated data manipulations. This will help him handle large data sets easily.
  • Database Management Skills: A database is like the library of your organization. This is where all the organizational data is stored. A data analyst should have database management skills to be able to retrieve data for analysis easily. Knowledge of SQL and database software like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL is important.
  • Soft Skills:

Other Important Factors to Consider When Seeking Help with Data Analysis

When seeking help with data analysis projects, it is important to also consider the experience of the expert. This ensures that they are able to navigate the challenges your organization is facing. The following are the three most important factors to consider.

  • Years of Experience: Though the years of experience are not the only consideration, they do matter. More experienced analysts have a better understanding of the art of data analysis and proven problem-solving skills.
  • Industry Specialization: Industry specialization is important. It defines the experts' field of work and thus gives a blueprint of the projects they expect can handle.
  • Project Portfolio: The expert’s project portfolio is their resume in action. It helps you understand their domains, the scope of projects they can handle, and how well they can handle those projects.

Seeking Help with Data Analysis Confidently

With the ever-changing landscape of data analysis and business, working with an experienced analyst is important. A good data analyst will help you navigate the challenges of decision-making easily.

At AfroResearch Inc., our team of experienced analysts will help you achieve your goals in a short period. Our team possesses the best skills and is well informed about the current trends in the data science and data analysis field. For any assistance, you can Live Chat with Us to discuss your project and the way forward.

A Sample Data Analysis Project

Case Study: John is a resident of the state of New York. Being a retired banker, he wants to use his retirement benefits to venture into the food industry. He wants to set up a retail food store in New York. However, to be competitive, John wants to make informed decisions. He has hired a data analyst to help him study the retail food store trends in the New York state.

The following are the most important things John wants to understand.

  • How is the distribution of food stores in the New York state based on the 62 counties?
  • Overall, how much space should a food store occupy based on the existing stores?

You are tasked as a data analyst to help John make informed decisions regarding his business.

The Data Analysis Sample Solution

To help John in making a tangible business decision, the analyst obtained secondary data from the site. This is a USA government data management site that offers free data sets to the public. The data set used in this analysis can be found State of New York – A listing of all retail food stores that are licensed by the Department of Agriculture and Markets..

How is the Distribution of the Food Stores in the New York State Based on the 62 Counties?

Distribution of food stores in New York Bar Graph

Kings County has the highest number of food stores, accounting for 17.40% of the total stores in the New York State. Hamilton has the lowest number of food stores, which accounts for 0.06% of the total stores in the state.

How Much Space Should a Food Store Occupy Based on the Existing Stores?

Store average sizes per county

The line graph presents the distribution of the average space occupied by food stores in each county. Meaning that based on the county of interest, for you to be competitive, you need to aim at having a store with the average space shown on the graph for that particular county.


Based on the analysis, Hamilton has the lowest number of food stores while Kings County has the highest number. Comparatively, it would be ideal for John to put up a food store in Hamilton since it has the lowest competition. However, other factors should also be considered to evaluate the customer preference and customer base before making the final decision.

Also, the space of the store should be estimated based on the given averages and factored by the specific county John will settle to set up his food store. Before setting up the food store, other factors like customer preferences, county policies, transport system, and other related components should be evaluated.


This is just a small sample of a data analysis project. If you need help with data analysis projects, you can contact us through Live Chat for instant help. Our experts are always ready to help you achieve your business and research goals.

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