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Sample Statistics Questions
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I am Nadav, an experienced freelance statistician. For the last 11 years, I have worked with different clients as a contract statistician and helped them solve technical statistical problems including data analysis, Experimental designs, and hypothesis testing among others.

If you are looking to hire a statistician online, I am your go to get guy. I will help achieve your project goals through excellent consultation and project solutions.

Statisticians for hire are many online but I stand out as one of the most vetted experts with a ton of experience and rich academic background. Live Chat Me Now and let’s get started.

Sample Statistical Questions and Answers

Question 1: Hypothesis Testing

A pharmaceutical company claims that a new drug reduces blood pressure by 10%. You conduct a study with a sample of 100 patients and find a mean reduction of 9.5% with a standard deviation of 2.3%. Can you conclude that the drug is effective at reducing blood pressure? Perform the hypothesis test at a significance level of 0.05.

Null Hypothesis (H0): The new drug does not reduce blood pressure by 10%.

Alternative Hypothesis (H1): The new drug reduces blood pressure by 10%.


  • Sample Mean (x̄) = 9.5%
  • Sample Standard Deviation (σ) = 2.3%
  • Sample Size (n) = 100
  • Population Mean (μ) = 10%

Calculate the z-score:

                z = (x̄ - μ) / (σ / √n)
                z = (9.5 - 10) / (2.3 / √100)
                z ≈ -2.17

Lookup the critical z-value for a significance level of 0.05 (two-tailed test):

Critical z-value = ±1.96

Since the calculated z-value (-2.17) is less than the critical z-value (-1.96), we reject the null hypothesis. Therefore, we conclude that the new drug is effective at reducing blood pressure.

Question 2: Probability Distribution Question

A manufacturing company produces light bulbs, with a mean lifespan of 1000 hours and a standard deviation of 100 hours. Assuming the lifespan follows a normal distribution, what is the probability that a randomly selected light bulb will last more than 1100 hours?


  • Mean (μ) = 1000 hours
  • Standard Deviation (σ) = 100 hours
  • Desired value (X) = 1100 hours

Calculate z-score:

                z = (X - μ) / σ
                z = (1100 - 1000) / 100
                z = 1

Lookup the probability corresponding to z = 1 in the standard normal distribution table:

Probability (Z > 1) ≈ 0.1587

Therefore, the probability that a randomly selected light bulb will last more than 1100 hours is approximately 0.1587 or 15.87%.

Question 3: Confidence Interval

You want to estimate the average weight of watermelons produced by a farm. You take a random sample of 50 watermelons and find that the average weight is 15 kilograms with a standard deviation of 2 kilograms. Calculate a 95% confidence interval for the true average weight of watermelons produced by the farm.


  • Sample Mean (x̄) = 15 kilograms
  • Sample Standard Deviation (σ) = 2 kilograms
  • Sample Size (n) = 50
  • Confidence Level = 95%

Calculate the margin of error:

                Margin of Error = Critical Value * (σ / √n)
                Critical Value ≈ ±2.009 (from t-distribution table)
                Margin of Error = 2.009 * (2 / √50) ≈ 0.568 kilograms

Calculate the confidence interval:

                Confidence Interval = (x̄ - Margin of Error, x̄ + Margin of Error)
                                     = (15 - 0.568, 15 + 0.568)
                                     ≈ (14.432, 15.568)

Therefore, we are 95% confident that the true average weight of watermelons produced by the farm lies between 14.432 kilograms and 15.568 kilograms.

The Demand for Freelance Statisticians | How to Contract Statistician Online

The demand for freelance statisticians has increased in the recent past. Due to advancements in technology, there is a pool of data available for companies and research institutions.

Contract statisticians play a pivotal role in converting this data into meaningful information. Using statistical knowledge, programming, and technology skills, a freelance statistician can help you make viable decisions in your organization and research.

5 Most Important Skills to Evaluate Before Hiring a Freelance Statistician

  • Statistical Expertise: Before you hire a statistician online, you need to evaluate his proficiency in statistics. This includes expertise in probability theory, statistical theory, hypothesis testing, and experimental designs.
  • Software Proficiency: All statistical projects are done using different specialized software packages. Therefore, statisticians for hire need to have skills in these software packages. Some of the most common ones include; SPSS, python for data analysis, R-statistics, Excel, Stata, SAS, and others.
  • Data Analysis Skills: Freelance statisticians for hire ought to have vast skills in data analysis. This includes data cleaning and manipulation, data transformation and visualization, strategy evaluation, and data quality issues.
  • Project Management Skills: Freelance statisticians also need to have skills in project management. These skills will help in understanding project requirements, developing work plans, meeting deadlines, and keeping you updated about the project's progress.
  • Communication Skills: These are important skills for all contract statisticians. Communication skills help in explaining complex statistical concepts in simpler ways and also in team collaboration.

Where Can Find Statisticians for Hire Online?

There are many online platforms that you can use to get in touch with statisticians for hire. However, the quality, deliverables, and prices might vary depending on the site.

  • AfroResearch Inc.: This is an online platform that connects prospective clients like you with experienced freelance statisticians. Here you can contact a statistician to handle your short-term projects and also long-term statistics projects.
  • Upwork: Like AfroResearch Inc., Upwork has experienced statisticians. You can hire a statistician online through this platform. However, the site needs you to post the project, unlike AfroResearch Inc. which lets you select your preferred expert.

How Do I Frame My Statistics Project for Easy Understanding?

Before hiring a freelance statistician online, you need to make your project understandable so that the expert can understand it easily. Here are five things you need to include in your instructions for easy understanding.

  • State your project objectives, goals, and deliverables
  • Make clear the type of data to be used and the source of the data
  • State the deadline of the project and the deliverables you need progressively
  • Attach any links if need be to make the project more understandable
  • Specify the technology that needs to be used in the project

The types of Projects Freelance Statisticians will help you

  • Campaign analysis: Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, identify areas of improvement, and future trends
  • Market Research Projects: When you hire a statistician online, he will help you with your market research projects. This will include things like customer segmentation, preferences, market trends, and competitor analysis.
  • Financial Analysis: You can contract a statistician to evaluate your financial performance, asses risks, and forecast future trends using statistical modeling.
  • Scientific Research Analysis: Statisticians for hire will help you analyze your research data and get valuable information.
  • Data Visualization Services: Contract statisticians will help you evaluate your machine learning projects and make sure they are optimized for performance.