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I am a highly skilled qualitative research data analysis service provider with proficiency in various analysis methods. My expertise lies in thematic analysis, content analysis, and grounded theory.

With an exceptional and systematic approach, I excel in figuring out meaningful patterns and insights within qualitative data. I have the ability to identify narratives, patterns, and trends from qualitative data.

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Qualitative Data Analysis Services: - Data Collection, Coding, Transcription, Interpretation, and Report Writing

Qualitative data analysis plays equally a pivotal role like quantitative data analysis. Through qualitative data analysis, you can develop themes, test patterns, and encode information that reflects the lived experience of the participants, unlike quantitative analysis which quantifies the theoretical experience of participants.

In qualitative data analysis, there is no “quick fix” like the use of statistical software packages. It needs a progressive and structured process that arranges the collected data into themes to culminate in developed patterns and reliable insights.

At AfroResearch Inc. our expertise focus of qualitative data analysis services focuses on applying scientific theories to decide the best approach for your qualitative analysis needs.

What is the Nature of Qualitative Research Data Analysis?

Unlike quantitative data analysis which focuses on numerical data, qualitative research data analysis focuses on text. It focuses on bringing the bigger picture of the collected data which will be the reflection of the lived experience of the participants.

As such, interviews, focus groups, observations, and documentary analysis are the most important data collection methods in qualitative research analysis. At AfroResearch Inc., our team of experts is versed in all these skills to ensure that you get the best qualitative research analysis services online.

Experts in NVIVO, Deboose, STATA, SAS, R-statistics, and MINITAB

We do everything for Qualitative data analysis – whether you need data collection through online surveys, Skype, observation, mining, or interviews, our team of experts will help you achieve your goal within the shortest time possible.

We leverage technology and software packages like NVIVO, Deboose, STATA, SAS, R-statistics, and MINITAB among others to ensure that our qualitative research analysis services are excellent.

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